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    Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it

    Bertolt Brecht

    Lara Cobden - It’s All There…Just Listen

    Such a beautiful painting.


    Amazing three-dimensional goldfish paintings in resin layers.

    A group of Old World monkeys called guenons have undergone an incredible diversification in facial appearance to avoid interbreeding with closely related species.



    Untitled Doodle
    ~by spassmonkey
    Sharpie and watercolour on 300 g/m2 paper

    Jamie Lidell and the Qkidz on the new iMASCHINE:

    Original Star Wars concept art from Ralph McQuarrie


    It’s hard to fall in love with something you don’t find visually appealing


    by Mobstr | Posted by by Mobstr | Posted by by Mobstr | Posted by by Mobstr | Posted by by Mobstr | Posted by by Mobstr | Posted by by Mobstr | Posted by


    The Story by Mobstr

    This put a smile on my face. Continuing on from Mobstr’s "Playing With The Buff Man" series, The Story tells the tale of the on going dance between the artist and the so called “Buff Man” as they both fight for control over the wall.

    Artists: | Website | [via: Vandalog]

    Just love this…

    Just let go
    ~by Spassmonkey
    (Sharpie, fineliner & watercolour)

    Solar-powered phone-charging snowboard


    Draw your own circuits with conductive ink. (This just made my wishlist!)


    This GIF shows an example of conductive ink. 

    Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that uses a silver conductive ink to let you create fully functioning circuits as fast as you can can draw, making it cheaper, faster, and easier to test out electronics and prototype concepts.

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